New Orleans Saints 2014 – Prologue 32 429

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Lil Wayne – Mirror (Instrumental)
LVX – Get Em Up (Instrumental)

WhoDat4Life is back! Here’s the prologue for the New Orleans Saints 2014 Season., 2015-03-21 22:53:53

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  1. I don't care what anyone says. I know we'll be great… Everyone saying we won't be because we lost jimmy graham are fake ass fans. I don't give a shit about jimmy graham. Punk ass had to have all that money. I'm fine with josh hill. Ain't like we got a sorry ass quarterback. We got Drew Bree's.. We still have Colston and cooks.. And shit. We can still get someone out of free agency and we have all them picks in the draft.. We fixed our road game problems.. And our defense is looking good. Deion Sanders said we possibly have the best cornerback duo in the NFL right now.. And I believe it.. I'm yelling y'all right now. We will be great.. Our o line got better with max.. Our running backs are killer now.. I just hope we find another outside linebacker to go with junior. All we need. Y'all just watch though.

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