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Josh Hill is very underrated. Very good player., 2015-04-17 23:26:42

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  1. Good video,Hill he will be a major piece for us,we really didn't get to see how much of an impact he can be,we only got a taste,but this season he will be apart of the reason we win,because nobody really knows about him

  2. I hate when people say Josh Hill is needed to replace Jimmy Graham because its untrue. Josh hill needs to be Josh hill, we became way too reliant on throwing to Jimmy Graham every other play and every defense we went up against knew it. Our offense is best when the ball is spread around evenly, which is what we are getting back to this season by the sounds of it! Great video, look forward to the rest!

  3. I like this kid.. Good hands, strong, fast, and an exceptional blocker. He can have success like Graham, if not more.. (I've always liked Graham, but he caught the ball weird.. He never attacked it, unless it was a a jump ball, and dinosaur arm caught it.. That's why he dropped a lot of passes imo.)

  4. Everyone is talking about Colston, Hill, Ingram, and Cooks in the comment section. Have we already forgotten about Cj Spiller? And what about Khiry Robison? He averaged 4.8 yards per carry last season. But he did only play 10 games because of that injury. Still a decent season. But I'm not even excited about the offense as much as I am with out defense. Our defensive backs are ridiculous. And they all bring physicality. Also I don't know if y'all heard. But some people are calling our defensive backs the "Sea Of Shadows". That's sick. I'm really ready for this upcoming season.

  5. I am a Saints' Fan lifer since 1966-'67 at the age of 9. I went to my first game with my Dad in 1967.  The Jimmy Graham trade with Seattle will go down as one of the worst in Saints' history. We got a broken down 29 center who had knee injuries at the tail end of 2014 season and some draft picks. Jimmy G. played injured for 3/4 season and my fellow Saints fans ran him out of town for not being a goo businessman, blocker and basically playing hurt for most of last season. Yes, NOLA fans the man was hurt with a busted shoulder and that is why he couldn't catch balls like 2013. GOD help our SAINTS in 2015!!!

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