Crescent City Connection: Saints Primed and Ready for 2018 – Saints News Radio

Crescent City Connection Krewe will recap the Saints 2017 Season and look forward to a promising 2018 campaign from the men in Black and Gold.

Geaux to the Original Saints News Radio Podcast

Sports Talk Radio 97.7 180130 – BS and Beer

Dave, Heath and Tomas discuss this week in New Orleans Saints Football.  Drew Bree’s contract which positions do the Saints need to upgrade.  A special visit from Rick Serritella of NFL Draft Bible who gives us his report directly from College Football Allstar games.

BS and Beer Podcast

Who Dat Confessional – Ep 113: State Of The Saints Union | XFL Thoughts | News/Updates

State of the Union! Where are the Saints right now, and where should they be moving forward? Ellias discuss this, the XFL and answer fan questions on this week’s episode of WDC!

Podcast Aired on 1-30-18 on the Canal Street Chronicles FB Page.

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YOU’VE GOT ANOTHER THING COMIN’ (Under The Dome podcast, Ep 17.52)

As Super Bowl week continues, the guys are back again!
Hosts Allen Ulrich and Sean Williams will break down the game, give their predictions, and get you ready for the big game.

Also, the guys will continue their postseason analysis of the positional units, this week focusing on the running backs and linebackers.

“Where the #WhoDatNation begins…
Under The Dome!!”


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