Who Dat Confessional – Ep 139: Disrespectful Edition | Saints Lattimore & Thomas Need More Love

Topics tonight:
– Rev is going on vacation!
– Show moving to YouTube
– Will JT Barrett make the roster?
– Grading the draft is stupid
– Marshon Lattimore and Michael Thomas get disrespected

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FEELIN’ STRONGER EVERY DAY (Under The Dome podcast, Ep 18.13)

And just like that, the NFL Draft came, and went. And the business of preparing for the 2018 season now begins in earnest.

Hosts Allen Ulrich and Sean Williams will break down the Saints draft and UDFA signings and see where the team could have, should have, and did improve. You might be surprised at some of the answers!

And tonight we welcome back Barry Hirstius to the show to weigh in on this draft class!!


2018-05-01 22:50:52

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