Crescent City Connection: PRIMED AND READY!!! Saints vs Packers Preview – Saints News Radio

Crescent City Connection Analysts, Barry Hirstius, Bob Rose, Brendan Boylin, Shaine Boyle and Kyle T. Mosley recap the Saints loss against the Patriots. Also, they will break down the upcoming Saints-Packers contest in Green Bay on Sunday afternoon at 12 PM CST.

The Saints will not face the dangerous Aaron Rodgers due to injury. The Saints’ defense is playing its best in several years. Will Drew Brees, Sean Payton and the boys in Black and Gold be PRIMED AND READY to make the Lambeau Leap and cause chaos in the NFC with a win on Sunday?

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Sports Talk Radio 97.7 Hour 1-171018 – BS and Beer

Dave and Tomas discuss Saints vicotry over the Lions.  John Hendrix from the Canal Street Chronicles joins to give his thoughts.  The Good, Bad and Ugly.

BS and Beer Podcast

Time to Prove It - Crescent City Connection Podcast

Crescent City Connection: TIME TO PROVE IT – Lions vs Saints Preview – Saints News Radio

TIME TO PROVE IT? Can the Saints Bring it at Home against the Detroit Lions? What really happened with AP? Why these Saints Rookies the cornerstones to future Lombardis? Saints Fans and Who Dats, listen as Kyle T., Barry Hirstius, Bob Rose, Remy Jones give you the 411 of what’s going down in the Who Dat Nation!!! You can listen online at or

The New Orleans Saints will face a wounded Detriot Lions team on Sunday inside of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.   Drew Brees will led the boys in Black and Gold to play a critical game for the team heading into the heart of their 2017 regular season.

Can the Saints defeat the Lions and face the Packers at 3-2?   Will the team step-up and show-out for the Who Dat Nation?


Geaux to the Original Saints News Radio Podcast

ESPN 97.7 Hour 1 170927 – BS and Beer

Hour 1, Dave and Tomas discuss the Good, Bad and Ugly of the Saints win againts the Panthers, a Tomas Rant and John Hendrix comes in to visit.

Send in you tithes to Don Bobo so the Saints can win…


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