ESPN 97.7 Hour 1 170927 – BS and Beer

Hour 1, Dave and Tomas discuss the Good, Bad and Ugly of the Saints win againts the Panthers, a Tomas Rant and John Hendrix comes in to visit.

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BS and Beer Podcast

ESPN 97.7 Hour 2 170920 – BS and Beer

Dave, Heath and Tomas discuss this week in New Orleans Saints Football…  The Good, Bad and Ugly and talk about Sean Payton’s future.

All things Saints.

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BS and Beer Podcast

ESPN 97.7 Hour 1 170920 – BS and Beer

Dave, Tomas and Heath bring you the Bonus Round and finish up the Good Bad and Ugly, an injury report, Bryan Bieniemy comes in and does a NFC South Report and the weekly pickem. 

Don’t forget the weekly “code word” for the pickem, you’ll need them to collect your winnings.

BS and Beer Podcast

Adrian Peterson Nine Snaps Video


Peterson says he didn’t sign up for nine snaps per game. By agreeing to be one of multiple tailback options in a pass-based offense, however, he did.

And it was obvious from the get-go that Peterson wouldn’t be happy with his role. Some (me) thought Peterson took whatever he could get (no one else was knocking on the door at the time), hopeful that once the Saints saw what he could do, they’d make him the top option in the running game and give the offense the kind of balance that the Vikings had in 2009, when Peterson teamed up with Brett Favre.


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Hour 2 – ESPN Radio 97.7 – 170913 – BS and Beer

Dave, Heath and Tomas round out the Bad/Ugly & the injury update.  Brya  Bieniemy joins to give us the NFC South update and the weekly pickem.  

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BS and Beer Podcast

Hour 1 – ESPN Radio 97.7 1709013 – BS and Beer

Dave, Heath and Tomas talk wall to wall Saints.  Vikings put a woopin on the Saints, is it as bad as it looked?  John Hendrix of Canal Street Cronicals visits to give his perspective and a Tomas rant.

BS and Beer Podcast

Crescent City Connection – Kickoff 2017

Join us tonight for the Saints News Network’s flagship radio Podcast, the “Crescent Connection” with SNN Founder / GM/ Host, Kyle T Mosley; along with SNN Radio Krewe members Brendan Boylan and retired Louisiana high school coaching legend Rick Gaille; Charita Batiste and Remy Jones as they host tonight’s “Kickoff 2017” special, for the beginning of the #Saints regular season.

Special guests include Mike Detillier, Football Analyst / NFL draft expert of WWL TV

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The show starts at 8 p.m. (sharp) Central time, and if you’d like to call in, the number is (504) 533-8444!!!

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