The Guys are back for another Triple Threat Sports Podcast! This time UTXJGTHEDON is giving out all the smoke as his Los Angeles Rams is heading to the Super Bowl to face the New England Patriots. Enjoy the video!
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Experience the NFC Championship vs. Rams in 360° | New Orleans Saints

Saints Quarterback Drew Brees leads the pregame huddle as the Saints prepared to take the field against the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship game in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

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Saints vs Rams NFL football rigged or not?

Lombardi Trophy was disgrace by the Rams you know you lost the game referees clearly seen the penalties 1 ref about the throw the flag when the other referee gave him a look not to throw the flag it’s sad is the NFL nothing more then WWF wrestling is it rigged I believe so Rams if you win the Super Bowl and you’re holding the Lombardi trophy and you have your Super Bowl ring I hope when you’re wearing that ring it’s a constant reminder that you had to cheat to get it that you didn’t win that game knowing you truly lost it sad day in NFL history I know I couldn’t be proud knowing I cheated to get it I would have had to give the football to Drew Brees and say go get them boy you want it we lost but no because of the referees purposely not drawing a flag on two penalties MyTeam committed that’s why I’m wearing this ring I hope when you look at that ring it reminds you how you had to get it

Watch Saints Videos

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